History of 

“The Galata House – The Old British Jail” 

1904-1919    Civil Prison of the British Empire 

1919-1923    British military police station during the occupation of  Istanbul by the allied forces. 

1923-1927    Lodging for the 3rd chancery servant of the British Empire 

1927-1933    Lodging for the British Aid Mission member Mrs. Andrews

1933            The British Embassy sold the civil prison to Pierre Fournial for a sum of 425 Eng. Pounds. Mr. Fournial was a local merchant in Galata and he was specialized in machinery for sugar and lumber factories, flour mills, steam engines.  

1933-1979   Fournial Family added a bay window to the civil prison and used it as a residence. In 1939 Pierre Fournial passed away. 

1957-1960   The only daughter of Pierre Fournial Mercedes Celestine Fournial lived in this house after her marriage. 

1960-1973   Mercedes Fournial rented the building to the Austrian Sankt Georg High School for lodging. 

1973-1976  Jewelers Edmond and Arman Cendereciyan used the building as an office/atelier.

1976-1979  Metal worker Ohannes Muradyan rented the building to be used as an atelier for metal manufacturing. 

1979          Later the lodger Ohannes Muradyan bought the building.

1991          After Ohannes Muradyan died in 1990, architect/planner Nadire & Mete Göktuğ bought the Old British Jail.

1999          It became a restaurant  named “Galata Evi-The Galata House”.

2002         Ministry of Tourism gave to the restaurant a -special touristic license- because of its historical importance.  

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